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Ice Melt

We're here all year round

Covering Your Ice Melt Needs

As industry-leading experts in both dry and liquid ice melt, Bison Laboratories is committed to providing quality products that keep you, your family and your property safe all winter long. In addition to our ice melt line, Bison Laboratories can also help to meet your roadbase stabilization, dust control and concrete accelerator needs. For almost 70 years, Bison Laboratories has been proud to provide businesses, transportation departments and homeowners with innovative high-quality products.


As a homeowner, protecting your family from icy surfaces is one of your main priorities. Our many premium ice melting products are not only efficient, but they are safe for pets and vegetation as well.


As a business partner, you are always looking to purchase the best quality product at an affordable price. We at Bison Laboratories understand your needs and recommend you look to our ice melting solutions for the greatest value and quickest delivery times.